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Staff Achievements

  • Dr. Vivek H. Ramanandi (PT) received Letter of Recognition for his contribution as an expert for development of “GoSolo: An Ergonomic Mobility Device for the Elderly” by Alabaster Research & Technologies.
  • Dr. Vivek H. Ramanandi (PT) was awarded with “Research Excellence Award-2020” for his scientific contribution in the field by Institute of Scholars, Bangalore.
  • Dr. Ashish Kakkad (PT) was awarded with “Significant Contribution Award-2020” by Indian Association of Physiotherapists during 58th Annual Conference of IAP at Chennai for his contribution in the field of research innovation.
  • Principal Dr. Anjan Desai received “Significant Contribution in Academics” award at International conference “World Congress of Physiotherapy-2019” organized by JRN University, Udaipur.
  • Dr. Neeti Mishra was awarded with “Best Paper” award for Senior category Paper presentation at National level Conference on Multidisciplinary Approach in Shoulder Joint Dysfunction organized by Shrimad Rajchandra College of Physiotherapy, Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli.
  • Dr. Neeti Mishra was appointed as an Editorial Board Member in Frontiers Journal of Clinical and Medical Research.
  • Dr. Sneha Bhalala won 1st prizein Senior Category Paper presentation at National Level “Gujstate Conphycs-2019” at BITS, Vadodara.
  • Dr. Darshana Nariya was awarded 2nd prize in Senior Category Scientific Paper Presentation at MEDINSPIRE 2019, Mumbai.
  • Dr. Neha verma. “effect of aging on timed balance test scores” innovative journal of medical and health sciences. vol.7(10),9-11:11-02-2017
  • Dr. Neeti MIshra. A study on relation betweeen depression, fear and QOL in elderly individual. IJMRS. vol 4(5),1456-1460:09-03-2017
  • Dr. Neeti MIshra. financial burden of stroke on family and care giver in reveiw. IJRMC,vol 4(9):3675-3678.18-12-2016
  • Dr. Salvi Shah. effect of aging on time balance test score. innovative journal of medical and health science, vol 7(1):9-11.11-02-2017
  • Dr. vandana rathod. effect of calcaneum taping vs low dye taping in treating patients with plantar fascitis. innovative journal of meadical and health science, vol 5 (3):41-45.05-04-2016
  • Dr. Kuashik Patel. Association between body mass index and bone mineral density among healthy women in India. International journal of medical research and health science.vol 5(4):156-160. 01-03-2015
  • Dr. Shlesha Vaidhya- The effect of seven session of posterior to anterior spinal mobilization vs prone press ups in non specific low back pain- RCT, The journal of clinical and diagnostic research, Vol 10(3): 10-13. 01-03-2016
  • Dr. Ashish kakkad- Hirayama disease- A case study. IJPOT; Vol 11(1):11-13. 08-08-2016
  • Anjan Desai, Abhishek Sharma, Khushbu Desai and Jignesh Suthar. “A Study on Effect of Two Differential Exercises Protocol to Prevent Fall in Elderly”. International Journal of Current Research and Review (IJCRR); Vol 4(6), 127-133. ISSN NO. P-0975-5241. (Selected for Best Paper Award)
  • Beena Dave, Salvi Shah, Anjan Desai, Manali Shah and Parmita Koli “Prevelence of Overweight and Obesity in School Going Children of Surat” Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy (IJPOT) on dated 16/05/2012 with Ref. No. 2654/IJPOT/2012.
  • Salvi S. Shah, Beena R. Dave, Abhishek A. Sharma, Anjan R. Desai “Prevalence of hypertension & association of obesity with hypertension in school going children of Surat city, western India”. Online J Health Allied Scs.2013; 12(2):5.
  • Dr. Anilkumar Mishra, dr neeti mishra. “A retrospective study on physical status of geriatric persons in south gujarat.” IRJSH, Impact factor 0.353, vol. 3, issue 12 (2014-12) page 90-101: 2320-4702.
  • Dr. Anilkumar Mishra, dr neeti mishra. A review on childhood disability and its direct and indirect cost to familiies. IJM, Impact factor 8.1920, vol 5, issue 11 (2014-11), page 96-102, 0976-6510.
  • Dr. Anilkumar Mishra, dr neeti mishra. “to study the impact of physical disability on mental health on economic status of caregivers in southern gujarat.” Asian academic research journal of social science and humanities, Impact factor 0.50, vol. 2, issue 7 (2015-12) page 387-394: 2278-859x.
  • Dr. Anilkumar Mishra, dr neeti mishra. “physical status of elderly people in old age homes in south gujarat- an overveiw.” IJHSR, Impact factor 0.35, vol. 6, issue 2 (2016-12) page 254-259: 2249-9571.
  • Dr. Anilkumar Mishra, dr neeti mishra, dr khushboo gajjar “financial bueden of stroke on family and care givers in india – a literature reviw.” IJRMS, Impact factor 7.38, vol. 4, issue 9 (2016-9) page 3675-3678: 2320-6012.
  • Dharti hingarajia. “A psychometric analysis of patient satisfaction with physical therapy care.” Innovative journal of medical and health science. 3:5. Sept-oct 2013, 219-223.
  • Dharti hingarajia. “The effect of deep craniocervical flexor training (OCCF) on sitting posrure in chronic neck pain” Internatinal journal of current research and review. Vol 4, issue 4. Feb, 2012, 10-18.
  • Dharti hingarajia, Sushant dey, Nishant tejwani “The effect of deep craniocervical flexors training over isometric nect exercises in chronic nect pain and disability” Indian journal of physiotherapy and occupatioanl therapy. Vol 6, issue 4: 2012, 48-53.
  • Harshit Soni, Dharti hingarajia, Sushant dey, Nishant tejwani “Inter and intrarater reliability of craniocervical flexion test by using modified sphygnomenometer as a pressure biofeedback.” International journal of critical research and review. Vol 4, issue 6: march 2012, 56-62.
  • Vandana J. Rathod, Jagatheesan Alagesan, Ami Vacchani. Effects of motor imagery technique in quadriceps muscle strengthening- an experimental study. International journal of pharmaceutical and health care. 2013; 4(3): 7-18
  • Vandana J. Rathod, Jagatheesan Alagesan. Family awareness of legislative issues on child with disability-cross sectional survey Int j pharm bio sci 2014 july; 5(3): (b) 721 – 727.
  • Vandana J Rathod, Vyoma Shah, Jagatheesan Alagesan, Poongundran Paranthaman, Soundararajan P. Effect of sensory integration therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: single blinded study. Int J Physiother Res 2015;3(2): DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.
  • Aishath Najiha, Jagatheesan Alagesan, Vandana J. Rathod, Poongundran Paranthaman.MIRROR THERAPY:AREVIEWOF EVIDENCES. Int J Physiother Res 2015;3(3):1086-1090. DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.2015.148
  • Amruta J. Sankhe, Garvit Shukla, Vandana J. Rathod, Jagatheesan Alagesan, Iyyappan Manickavasagam, KamalakannanM. The effect of Calcaneal taping versus Low dye taping in treating patients with plantar fasciitis – Randomized Clinical Trial. International Journal of Therapies and Rehabilitation Research 2016; 5 (3): 41-45
  • Dr. Shlesha Shah – Reasearch publication in Journal of clinical and diagnostic research “Effect of Seven session of posterior to anterior spinal mobilization vs prone press-ups in non specific low back pain – RCT” vol 10 march 2016.
  • Dr. Nipa Patel – “To study the consequences of shoulder pain intensity on quality of life and physical activity in manual wheelchair users – A Correlation study” is published in National Journal Of Integrated Research and Medicine, NJIRM 2015; 6(5): 11-16.
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